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Open Doors by sharpieboss

This piece is striking in so many ways. First off I love the yellow mane and tail of (Derpy?) against the blue sky making her the obvious focal point. The reason why I give vision a 5 is because it's very pleasing to look at and makes me do a constant circle while looking at the piece, always to end up back on derpy or the center of the swirl. The originality is a 5 because I've never seen this angle done before which is really unique in it's own way. (I rarely use unique but since it's one of a kind it's a good time to use it.) Now the reason why I gave 4 was simply because it's very soft in colors and things begin to mesh over each other making things down in the forest area hard to tell what they are. I know what the things in the background are, but what exactly is the brown streaks up front? Are they barren land? More rocks? The impact is a 4 simply because I don't know the reason for the picture, but it still looks very beautiful. All in all, great job Sharpie <3
The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 4 deviants thought this was fair.


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